Supporting Child Abuse Survivors at the Community Charity “The Queen of Hearts Foundation!”

I am very lucky to have been accepted into the Queen of Hearts Foundation to Support Survivors of Abuse.  It's an honour and read on friends!

I am very lucky to have been accepted into the Queen of Hearts Foundation to Support Survivors of Abuse. It’s an honour and read on friends!

My 2014 has finished off in an exceptional way.  My Online Marketing is coming together, I have picked up a stack of wonderful awesome new clients (thank you Sydney!) and I was very lucky to be invited to join Michele Ellery & Lisa Starr at “The Queen of Hearts” Charity to support and protect Child Abuse Survivors.

I have very fortunately and hardly been subject to abuse of this nature in my own life and I found learning more about Abuse Victims and their symptoms aren’t too radically different to my own “War Veteran” type of symptoms.  That is PTSD, Hyper Vigilance, Paranoia, Excessive Emotions – basically all the stuff that makes me “Colourful” is quite similar to what abuse victims can feel on a daily basis.

This is found quite interesting, my “Homeless War Veteran” background strangely and unpredictably set me up to understand with sympathy and empathy what children go through in life as a result from being assaulted in creepy unspeakable manners.

I have been very fortunate to join the Foundation as a “Corporate Ambassador” in which I have donated my Business / Marketing Mentoring Abilities, My Connection Base (which is getting big these days) and also my Promotional Ability to help grow the foundation and achieve it’s rather noble objectives.

The foundation supports, protects, educates, advises and cleans up the “Fallout” from bad things that happen to good people in simple terms.

What got me involved with Lisa & Michele wasn’t originally the charity in all honest, it was my strong connection with them. I found them to be strong amazing women dedicated to a noble cause and I was lucky to MC one of their events to 230+ people.  It was a hit and I loved them and they loved me (thank god) and from there things just naturally formed this way.

To me, joining this foundation is great thing for both of us.  They get my thinking, technology and connection on the house and I get to give back and get the networking and “Sydney Wide Profile” for helping them.

My advice and thinking? Charitable work is a critical thing I think for anyone driven by success and aligned with the right cause, it’s a great opportunity to give back and get noticed for ones contributions.  I have helped them with some great connections already and they rock – may I invite you to check out their amazing Facebook Page right here!

Love your work and thank you for the read!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Corporate Ambassador for Queen of Hearts (Yay!)