From two opposite sides of massive thriving metropolis of Sydney I bumped into the amazing girls Kelly and Anna from the Shire. It reminded me as to the importance of positive word of mouth!

From two opposite sides of massive thriving metropolis of Sydney I bumped into the amazing girls Kelly and Anna from the Shire. It reminded me as to the importance of positive word of mouth!

I totally love Sydney.  Even though I am from Melbourne, I really consider both cities quite “Equal” with each other – with Sydney being my preference (but only just I must say).

I have lived in many places in my strange nomadic life (please nobody live life like I have!). Be it for being a few years in one place, living for a few months in places across the world and even once going back to my old home town and feeling like a tourist there with no emotional connection to the place.

When I first arrived in Sydney, the first thing that got me was the scale of the place.  It was massive, with suburbs everywhere and I thought this is such a big place.

After starting my own business, I realized after a year or two that this is just simply not the case at all. Especially in the Business Networking Game, everyone knows everyone.  Yesterday, I as very lucky to meet some great people (who become new clients yay!) and I bumped into to wonderful 4Networking Colleagues Kelly Meares and Anna Williams who are from the Shire in Sydney.

I was in North Ryde! This is total opposite side of the city, in a venue I have never been too, at a time of day that was not likely and there they were.  We all looked at each other and we like:

– What are you doing here?

It was great catching up and like always I snapped a selfie and I knew this blog on the spot would be written. This whole uncanny experience reminded me not only the negative lesson of “Don’t do Naughty Things” but positively taught me about the importance of Word-of-Mouth and how people relate to each other and pass on information.

I really like Kelly & Anna, I once gave them some great Facebook advice and I bet they are the sort of girls that would go around town saying awesome things about me.  This is a great thing and it always bring me back to one of the most powerful forms of marketing, POSITIVE WORD OF MOUTH!

That is, people like you, love your work and promote you.  Negative word of mouth works equally the other way too.  One of my clients / friends got very badly ripped off by someone who didn’t pay them and my friend is incredibly well connected.  I can promise that ripping off my friend would not be a great move for the perpetrator of the crime and they will end up losing way more business that they stole from my friend by not paying them.

However, only AWESOME PEOPLE read my blog and to me this reminds me of why my business is working today.  I took my time, always treat people well, give them great flexible terms and focus on doing quality work – so I get tons of referrals coming my way today.

My advice & lesson from this? Defend yourself when you need too, treat people well, treat your clients with pure love and go for maximum satisfaction.  Every person that loves you is another person out there helping sell your services. I learned this lesson before I started my business and it was great – it’s helped me kick butt and get to this point where I am today.

Thank you for the read and love your work!

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Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor, Consultant, 4Networking Leader, Speaker and Lover of Awesome Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners based in Sydney Australia. He spends his days helping the business community with Ideas & Strategies to help his clients get more profitable clients with greater ease, success and automation.

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