Dani Carr and a Crazy Persian at Anytime Fitness Surry Hills. Love it!

Dani Carr and a Crazy Persian at Anytime Fitness Surry Hills. Love it!

As my business has grown, I have been very lucky to meet totally awesome people and pick up tons of new high value clients.

From intelligent corporates to savvy entrepreneurs, it’s been a whole spectrum of new people.

Many have been from Sydney CBD and I have been spending more time there as of late. One day, I had a client in the morning and afternoon. As an Anytime Fitness fan I can go anywhere, so I decided to hit Anytime Fitness Surry Hills.

I have been to many Anytime’s before (ranging from Wollongong to Parramatta) and finally got myself to a CBD one. It was an impressive and new experience for me. You had a very white collar demographic, the gym itself had lots of cafe style ‘Street Writing’ in there, it had very new equipment and the people were quite friendly.

I got an immediate vibe of awesomeness when I walked in there and sat my butt on the floor and did a selfie video. Within minutes, the owner said hello and I made a new pal. As I reflected on my experience at the gym afterwards, it’s got me thinking on the contrast between the mean streets outside and the awesome people within.

As much as I love Sydney CBD, sometimes one can feel a bit isolated on the ‘mean streets’ out there and when you find a ‘nice spot’ it can be quite habit forming. Especially if you are on your own lots like I am.

My take? In life we become part of many communities. Be it formal communities like a Church or less formal ones like a Gym Membership. In each of these experiences we connect with lots of people. Join the right ones! Going back to Anytime Fitness Surry Hills will be on my list in the future.

Love your work and thank you Dani Carr. I’ll be back!



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