The power wall is getting bigger and love it.

The power wall is getting bigger and love it.

I am really impressed by my power wall which I totally upgraded about 3 – 4 weeks ago. I have always stuck ‘some’ great things near my desk to motivate me, however it was ‘weak’ compared to the high performance I pride myself on.

On one quiet Sunday evening I decided to make a stand and turn my work area from a ‘work area’ into a high performance hub. It was totally awesome and it worked! I spent time putting up key images (fully laminated), my Marketing Plan and basically anything that I really should be looking at to keep me in the zone.

CAWD! It made massive difference to me in that I feel more motivated, passionate and inspired about what I do.

Even though I am a very motivated type of guy already, I was starting to feel slightly lost in what I was doing and in terms of my own business development, I was going off topic. By creating the power wall, it subconsciously works away in the back of my mind driving, inspiring and focusing me.

Whenever I feel blank, insecure, out of the zone, I look at my wall and a glance puts me back in the zone. In short, the images are there to appeal to exactly me and I love it. It reminds me of what I want to do so it gives me an immediate top up of motivation whenever I need it.

It’s there, whenever I see it and it does filter into one’s subconscious mind. As the images really inspire me, it keeps me focused on what matters, makes me more resiliant to negativity and positivity / results seeking.

I love it! Wish I did it 5 years ago.

My advice friends? If you haven’t already, in your work area (or wherever matters) create a wall with artwork, business plans, people, cars, technology, travel, family – exactly what you love to inspire you. I can promise you that done properly it will change you. The images stimulate your brain to help you get what you want.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome friends!.



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