From events, to piggies - you never know what you are going to find as a blogger!

From events, to piggies – you never know what you are going to find as a blogger!

In my latest batch of business cards (where I used up 1000 in just 12 months!), I updated it slightly to make it look better and also reflect on where I am going in life and what I am currently doing.

For me, after some consideration I settled on my new title ‘Marketing Mentor & Blogger’. I found that this title was a total hit for me. Even talking the high end events of Sydney, I would walk in there and say ‘Marketing Mentor & Blogger’ and people usually get excited at the blogging part of it.

I always get asked about that first and it’s something I have always wanted to get into. From a ‘Marketing / Get More Clients’ viewpoint, Blogging is a hit and when you are actually a blogger you sign up for a strange new and very awesome life.

I started seriously blogging about two years ago and within two weeks I was rewarded with my first client for it. After about 6 months of blogging, I lost track of how many clients it helped attract and I originally started with a written blog a day.

As time passed, I got heavily involved into Facebook which was just fantastic for me. I would start doing a video a day, whereas now I do at times 10 x videos a day!

It’s a great life and as a blogger, your brain is forever wired to capture great experiences. From cool stuff in shops, connecting with great people, top new ideas, great events you never know what you are going to find.

For me, I tend to walk and take public transport as much as I can. When you drive places, you tend to not see much. BUT when you walk around, you get to see great things. From cool laneways or over the weekend – I went to check out a circus to do a video and found big pigs, lions, horses and all the stuff you’d expect.

I am really focusing on my blogging / online offering and love it. As things progress and I get bigger in this space, I look forward to becoming bigger, more known and the like.

My advice wonderful friends? Blogging is a great life when you have it ‘plugged’ into a great commercial model. It helps me get Mentoring, Consulting and Online Vault Clients. So it just works for me.

If you like doing new things, meeting new people, getting out there, having your Face around the place – it’s a great life. You may just like it!

Thanks for reading my own story, love your work, thanks for your support and stay awesome!



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