LinkedIn. Come back to us. We are waiting for you!

LinkedIn. Come back to us. We are waiting for you!

Last night was the awesome NSW Business Chamber. I was speaking with lots of people and towards the end of the night I met this lovely who worked for a Tech / Social Media Agency.

We spoke Microsoft, Twitter, Google and got onto both LinkedIn and Facebook discussing their major differences.

As we reflected on this great conversation, I remember that LinkedIn was the first Social Media Platform I got serious in. I actually used to use it all the time and it was a core part of what I would do and recommend to people.

I think it’s good today, but unfortunately (for LinkedIn) I have become a strong Facebook Marketer.

I never woke up and said “Out with LinkedIn and off with it’s head”, but over time I gradually got into Facebook for a variety of reasons. It started off with just posting and getting great engagement, to eventually having my Facebook Page of today full of people pumping out ads and videos.

I thought what happened to poor LinkedIn? 

Where did this happen? How did LinkedIn over time lose a loyalist like me to another platform. As I spoke to my new pal from yesterday, it got me asking the hard questions of why LinkedIn has fallen.

I am not the only person that thinks actually and here are my main reasons:

– It tried to be Facebook: To this day, I am against photo sharing and the whole Like and Share feature that put into LinkedIn. Now people are asking for ‘where is the video?’

– It’s mobile app was always behind: It always gave a poor mobile experience. They upgraded it recently, but you still can’t compare it to Facebook.

– Easy to get views on Facebook for free: For free, it’s much easier to pump out content on FB and get views. And lots of them!

– The advertising is hard yakka: The advertising side of LinkedIn I have found is much more expensive (per click) than FB and you don’t get that massive exposure.

– The recent hack: It’s a minor point, but it was very upsetting they let this happen. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

– No originality recently: I can point to Facebook and say they have done Video, Facebook Live, Upgraded Groups, Improved Advertising (massively), but I cannot even think of one original LinkedIn move.

Overall I think LinkedIn is a fantastic platform where two things are going to happen. One, they turn themselves around (please do!) or they are begging for someone like Microsoft to buy them out.

If anyone from LinkedIn reads this (which I could only hope), I think you are great people – please improve. Many of your loyalists still love you!

My advice friends? Facebook is a superior platform in many ways to LinkedIn and obviously LinkedIn is just fantastic for targeting key people with it’s own advantages. Make sure you use the strengths of both platforms to your advantage.

Love your work, stay awesome and thank you for the read!



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