Quality automobiles and people go hand in hand. An honour working with Martha and Kylea!

Quality automobiles and people go hand in hand. An honour working with Martha and Kylea!

With thanks to the awesome Martha Arifin, we were both very lucky to be able to work with G Brothers Mercedes-Benz today. They are a dealer based in Mona Vale (Northern Beaches of Sydney) and we spent lots of time talking Social Media with the awesome Kylea Henderson today.

Kylea is their Marketing Manager and we talked lots of FB and it was just fantastic.

What both Martha and myself noted was how cool Kylea and that Mercedes dealer are to work with. Everyone there was just cool, progressive, helpful, lovely and Kylea herself was someone who was very open and the type of person that is just a ‘pleasure’ to have as a client.

As I continued my day after a great morning session working with them, I went about my day thinking carefully and heavily about the type of clients I love working with. It’s the best when we work with people just as great as we are.

That is, progressive, honest, kind, open to learning and proactive type of people. When you are in the Consulting / Mentoring / Coaching game, it lays down the foundation for a very productive relationship where everyone is very happy with what they are going.

It gives for happy clients, who pay their bills, refer that leads to happy suppliers (e.g. you and me). Also too, people who make great clients are the type of cool people that are just great to hang out with. That is, if they are cool in real life / business, they are cool to work with in opposite end of the spectrum.

My advice friends? Be cool and be on the lookout for just fantastic clients. They can be hard to find (especially when you are starting out), but over time we meet more and more of them.

When they become clients look after them big time so they stay for as long as possible and refer their (likely cool) friends. The more ‘relationship’ based clients we have, the better we are which is great for everyone.

Love your work, great meeting you Kylea and thank you Martha for the intro.

Stay awesome!



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