Deb, Susan and Igor just rock!

Deb, Susan and Igor just rock!

Tonight was an extra special night at the awesome Parramatta Chamber. I did my first 29 minute Facebook Live Broadcast, spoke to lots of new people and I bumped into a stack of ‘early game’ characters all at once.

This included Igor Couto, Susan Jones and Deb Jeffreys. I met Igor and Susan some years ago and have met Deb at many different places across town.

When I met Igor tonight it’s like we just saw each other yesterday and although we didn’t have long to speak (busy talking to people at the Chambers), it was awesomely like yesterday and I loved to reconnect. Susan has always rocked and a Deb fan.

What I have found over the years is that awesome people just stay awesome. What I mean by this is that kind people of good hearts, character and community standing don’t really change. That is, they are consistently wonderful and you can expect the best from them.

Bad people on the other hand, may be able to ‘put on nice’ for a while, but their true nature comes to the surface eventually for all to see. For me, the Business Networking / Business Chamber scene of Sydney establishes that very quickly.

When you are working in a place like Sydney, the business community can be relatively small (you would be surprised) and if you aren’t awesome deep down, people will find you out.

Equally, if you are just lovely – people will know that and recognize you for your kindness, greatness and top vibes.

My advice friends? If you are reading this article, I bet you are awesome. Just keep going out there being you and many great things shall come your way.

For me, it’s been that. Be pure, help people, defend yourself when you need too and stay on the game. The more I get out the better and it’s just great. Make sure you get out there and explore! It’s worth it and a very profitable experience.

Thanks for the read, massive shout out to Susan, Deb & Igor and stay awesome!



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