A fine meal at Jamie Oliver's today got my wife and I back in the zone. Love it!

A fine meal at Jamie Oliver’s today got my wife and I back in the zone. Love it!

Business is certainly a marathon and as time passes, I am realising the importance of celebrating every little win.

From buying yourself something of great size, right through to a fine small meal – whenever we achieve something in our own business it’s great to celebrate every bit.

For me, I was lucky to spend some time with my awesome wife today enjoying some fine good, visiting some great places (in the Greater West of Sydney) and even purchased myself a new pair of shoes (my Asics Gel Kayano’s which I love).

I have a crazy week starting tomorrow from seeing great clients and having 3 x nights in a row attending events, meeting great people and going across town. As business is quite a long road, I have found it critical to enjoy every little part of it.

You have tough times in your business, losses and things that knock you – so it’s critical to ‘replenish your mind’ when you get some wins. By all means don’t spend all your money, but ‘celebrating a win’ can be simple as acknowledging how awesome you are in a genuine given moment.

The more we celebrate for wins, we reward our subconscious minds that future drives the goal driven behaviour. This becomes a massive hit for me and something that I have come to love and cherish over time.

My advice friends? Acknowledge what you do well. Reward yourself (appropriately) for what you achieve. Inspire yourself to go harder, better and win more.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!



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