Starting your Marketing SUPER EARLY

Outside the Geoff Lee MP van. The perfect selfie lol

Outside the Geoff Lee MP van. The perfect selfie lol

Sunday was beautiful in Sydney. It wasn’t windy, the skies were a beautiful blue and it must have been an optimum 25 degrees.

It was the perfect day for politics and I was very lucky to be invited to a BBQ at the home of the very awesome Liberal MP Geoff Lee (for Parramatta / Western Sydney). I have been lucky to work in his campaigns before and meet the kind (yet very tough) fellow through the local business chamber.

Parramatta for decades has been known as a ‘Labor / Red’ seat and this man is a very savvy operator who is the Liberal on state level.

He is an incredibly savvy marketer and what inspired me about the way he works is how early he gets started. His re-election is something like 2 years away and he is getting in early to get his core supporters together and get the ‘Marketing Machine’ going.

This includes getting everyone together, working his own connections, getting the media onsite and basically doing what it takes to influence the public in the right direction. Getting in early is just critical so when ‘election time’ comes, people have made up their minds already in his favour.

I love this thinking from a range of points of view in that when I think of the thousands I have worked with over the years, the most powerful marketers and wealthiest people I know are the ones who get how long ‘marketing takes’.

You can’t just put a Facebook Advertisement out there for a week and expect to get lots of clients, you can’t just visit a Networking event for the first time and complain you get no clients (believe me, I have seen many people do that) and equally you probably wouldn’t hire someone or purchase services from a company you just heard of that day.

It takes time to get the market to like you, trust you and eventually buy from you. Sure you can speed it up with more marketing, but there is this time factor involved.

We ran a Sydney CBD workshop last night actually and this one was one of the core topics we discussed. It was talking to the subject of business networking and it takes usually a good 6 – 12 months to get your first round of clients.

People have got to get to know you and the trick is starting as early as possible.

My advice and thinking? Like Geoff Lee MP, the savvy people out there and those that don’t like leaving things to the last minute; get your Marketing started as early as possible. Especially for events! They take time to fill and results do come in time.

Love your work, thanks for the read – an honour working with you Geoff Lee and stay awesome friends!