Reward Yourself. Often.

A little reward at Lindt Cafe put me more in the zone. All those little moments count!

A little reward at Lindt Cafe put me more in the zone. All those little moments count!

I hope I don’t curse myself by saying this and I certainly am ‘Touching Wood’ right now in saying that I have been winning lots lately.

This has been in many areas of life and I think it’s a combination of luck combined with getting savvier and more intelligent.

The demands on me have equally increased forcing me to work faster, deliver more and create more for my clients.

As a result I have been reflecting on life and learning more about ‘celebrating every win’.

What can happen to us in business is that we get busy, we are working away and it can be easy to forget about ourselves in this whole process.

For me; it’s critical to reward ourselves even for the little wins in that:

– It makes us feel just great.

– It’s an escape from the daily grind of life.

– It keeps the motivation up.

– Success is meant to be fun!

For me, I take whatever chance I can to reward myself for the little wins. It can be having something extremely nice at Lindt Cafe (one of my favourite spots) or even just taking a moment to acknowledge a win.¬†Even if I choose to go to the gym without any external pressure (i.e. it’s an internally driven move), I like to pause and acknowledge that. It trains my subconscious brain to do it more and feel just better.

I always say to people starting out too that maybe don’t feel the best about themselves (like I did once) exactly that; start rewarding yourself. Every time you reward a positive action it inspires you, gets you more in the zone and leads to more wins to feel good about (hence creating a positive feedback cycle).

My advice? Self talk is everything. Society trains us to be negative already. We must force ourselves to be positive until it’s second nature. Then life feels good and it just rocks.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!