Stanley Hsu WINNING at My Cube Launch in Parramatta!

Stanley Hsu is a WINNER on many many levels. Watch this space!

Stanley Hsu is a WINNER on many many levels. Watch this space!

I had a great morning attending the launch of the new powerhouse ‘My Cube’ at Westfield Parramatta today.

It was great and when I posted photos of my friend Stanley Hsu and myself, a group of people said he was on Shark Tank.

I had no freakin’ idea and I thought I was cool having friends with the type of people that would appear on Shark Tank. I hope Stanley really gave them hell and took no BS from them.

Anyway, I met Stanley last year when he was somehow referred to me as a leading Sydney Influencer. He’s from the Sunshine State of QLD, runs multiple businesses including his ‘My Cube’ concept which is a powerful hub from Entrepreneurs to buy a ‘Cube’ space in shopping centres to promote their products.

This is great in that it’s like a ‘Coworking Space’ for retail. Very few entrepreneurs could afford a full shop in a Westfield, however renting part of a ‘Cube’ to promote what you do is great on many levels.

I was extremely impressed, and this concept has been proven interstate. The key for Stanley is to prove it in Western Sydney. Once he achieves this, you are going to see My Cubes open everywhere.

My advice and thinking? If you a Sydney Sider or in town, go and check it out.

It’s pretty powerful and it’s going places. Love your work Stanley Hsu!