We all love winning and it's a great thing! People never see the hard yards though, only we do!

We all love winning and it’s a great thing! People never see the hard yards though, only we do!

I was extremely impressed to see a great group of winners over the past weeks at the NSW Business Chamber Awards.

This included great Finalists, right up to people who won their categories that shall go onto compete on the State Level. I am very lucky to know many of these great people and I can tell you that the winners are incredible people that deserve it on many levels.

I’ve seen many of them start out and over the years rise to become powerful leaders and there is this whole ‘Hidden’ side of winning that you never see. It’s the sleepless nights, people running out of money, stress of wondering if new clients are coming in, worrying about paying staff and having time to live a normal life.

I have had these too! Believe me, they are tough and of all the many winners I know, they have lived through many stages like this.

However, as they keep at it and going for it, they become TRUE WINNERS on every level and it’s great to see. The journey makes them powerful people in every sense of the word who contribute to society in very new ways.

My advice and thinking? If you are a wonderful entrepreneur, I think you are awesome and you will know there are tough, glorious times ahead for you. Lots of your tough times will be spent out of the public spotlight, but this is what makes winner even more wonderful.

I love watching winners in action and they rock at every level.

Thank you for the read, well done to all the winners at the NSW Business Chamber Awards and stay awesome friends!