The VIBE a Leader Exudes!

Leanne, Jeff and yours truly gave off that 'Leadership' vibe and it rocked!

Leanne, Jeff and yours truly gave off that ‘Leadership’ vibe and it rocked!

Tonight, was another wonderful night of exploring the wonderful Entrepreneur Events of Sydney. I get quite involved in them as part of my business, what I do and my role with Meetup HQ; with tonight being that extra bit special.

I was grateful to visit and be on the panel at Cydney O’Sullivan’s “Celebrity Author” evening and I loved it on many levels. I got to meet new people and see more leaders in play including seeing LinkedIn Leader Leanne Isaacson in action. She rocks, and I learned so much!

Leanne, Cydney, Sharon, Gabriella, myself and the leaders at the event all have a similar vibe about us. We are in the zone and give off a certain ‘vibe’, ‘feeling’, ‘energy’ or feeling that really grabs attention in a big way.

People naturally listen to us leaders, we are in the zone, we get reactions and we don’t get questioned on our thinking.

I remember when I started my business some years back and I was a much less confident version of myself. I would get questioned all the team and people would take me on.

After many years of heavy experience and winning, I exude that ‘leader feeling’ that keeps people respecting me which is great. This exact vibe is how my leader pals reacted too!

My advice and thinking? Get the experience you need, really believe in yourself, take risk and get wins. As you do that, you will start naturally exuding the leader vibe. People subconsciously listen to that and they love it on many levels. This makes your life much easier and clients just flock to you (it rocks!).

Thank you Cydney for a great event and love your work friends!