South Park The Stick of Truth.  Brilliant, love it and YES the whole game is like you are in an awesome Episdode of South Park!

South Park The Stick of Truth. Brilliant, love it and YES the whole game is like you are in an awesome Episode of South Park!

This blog has pretty much nothing to do with my Area of Expertise being Sales & Marketing for Small Business Owners. On a total side note, I have spent what little spare time I have over say the past month playing this BRILLIANT VIDEO game by the name of “South Park: The Stick of Truth”.

If you are not a South Park Fan then this probably isn’t for you – but if you are, then you will love this Masterpiece of a Video Game.  After finishing it, I found out that it rated very well (8 of 10 and above) and it was very well received.

Without blowing the whole compelling storyline, the game starts with you being the “New Kid” that arrives in South Park.  You can totally customize the Character however you like.  Even though you are a “Boy” you can even dress up as a Girl and take it in any direction you want.

The game starts out with “Cartman” initiating you into their “Dungeons and Dragons” war with the “Elves”(led by Kyle and Stan) and you have the whole of South Park to explore with many optional side quests and things you can do.  From picking up “Inserting type of packages” for Mr. Slave at the Post Office to the more innocent of helping a poor kid find his iPad – there are all different things one can get up too.

It’s very hard for me to say more without blowing the whole plot, but what I can say is that it’s brilliantly written.  You have layers upon layers of storylines, intelligence, you can explore almost every inch of South Park (perhaps even there is a trip to Canada in there?) and I am blown away by the dedication to many of the shows sub-characters and side plots.

In watching the Creators of South Park Trey Park & Matt Stone – what I love about this game is that they have truly captured the South Park experience.  That is, you feel like you are in an Episode of South Park.  With it’s raw intelligence combined with PURE DISGUSTING humor it takes  you on a very well thought out journey through the life of what it’s like for the boys to keep South Park Safe with inept parents, government agencies that are always up to something or even visits from “Outsiders”.

My advice? If you like South Park you will LOVE THIS! So get it, PC, XBOX and PS4 (but PC’s and XBOX are better than Sony of course).

Hope you enjoyed my non Sales & Marketing Read and thanks from Edward Zia!

P.S. It’s just like you are in SOUTH PARK. Amazing!



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