Anxiety and Stress about the future or where our next 'meal' or 'sale' is coming from can be very priminal and very stressful.  It's drives my cats and me insane at times - but it can be conquered!

Anxiety and Stress about the future or where our next ‘meal’ or ‘sale’ is coming from can be very priminal and very stressful. It’s drives my cats and me insane at times – but it can be conquered!

What a negative title you may say! I agree that this is a negative title, but it’s also a very real, direct and honest title of what myself and many of my great colleagues have dealt with.  Fear of the Future and Anxiety have been a massive negative part of my life that I have spent the last 5 years really knocking on the head and working hard in dealing with.

Once a upon a time, I used to have Panic Attacks and everything.  Fairly common symptoms for someone who has led the life I have had with some of extreme situations I have dealt with in my life (from PTSD, to Homelessness, to working in the mean Corporate Rat Race).

Putting away my lame-ass violins of course and focusing on the positive in this – “Fear” and “Anxiety” has been something I have really been working on lately.

This has been in terms of controlling my thoughts, NEVER letting fear stop me do what I need to do and having strong goals / KPIs to keep me on track.  Some of my key fears / areas of anxiety that many of us (including myself) have dealt with are:

– Not knowing where your next Sale is coming in.

– Fearing you are going to lose a big client.

– Concern about paying your bills.

– Stress about “Being Sued”.

– Being scared you are going to lose your business.

– Constant Concern that people don’t like you.


Basically, it’s all that lame stuff that goes through my / our minds that we just don’t need or want – but it just sticks in your mind annoying you.   Almost everything I have been afraid of is very low probability and has NEVER HAPPENED.  When something has gone wrong, I dealt with it no problem too!  In hanging out with Joel Curtis the Psychologist it has really got me thinking on this topic big time and he often speaks about these issues that we quite deal with.

For me especially, dealing with these “Mindset Issues” although you may argue is not a “Sales & Marketing Issue” – I have found that it’s a key thing to really address and be mindful of.  If you are busy selling, dealing with extreme situations, having to perform at your peak, up in the public spot-light, “Anxiety”, “Fear” and all that totally sucks and can’t really be part of that.

My advice? You got to deal with it head on and don’t let it rule your life like it did to me for years.  I don’t let it conquer me anymore and I push myself hard to overcome it in super style.  The trick in very simple terms is:

– Believing in yourself 100% that you can handle anything coming your way!

It’s very easy for me to say this and application is something else – BUT it’s all possible and doable with continuous effort and hardcore focus.

The more you overcome your fears, you push against your anxieties – every time you do, it gets that bit easier.  And of course like I have at times in my life – you can speak to someone like Joel Curtis to “Fix Your Head” and get it all happening.

Hope you enjoyed my read / more confession about what I have deal with in my life.  One thing I always say – be scared all you want, but don’t let it stop you kicking butt!

Thank you for the read from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor who loves pushing the envelope!



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