Profitable Time Off - Nothing better than knowing you are being marketed while you are chilling out!

Profitable Time Off – Nothing better than knowing you are being marketed while you are chilling out!

Right Here & Right Now as I write this article it is the “Labor Day Long Weekend” here in Awesome New South Wales.  To counter public opinion about my “Workaholism” I do love the idea of having time off – and yes I often do have trouble putting down the tools.

But I am getting better in that regard and one thing that has helped me enable “Profitable Time Off” is the “Automated Marketing” I have invested in.  That is as the name implies, Marketing that basically works 24 / 7 without any heavy transactional intervention from myself.  For example – when many start out in their Small Business, one Top Strategy for getting ones first clients is Business Networking.  This often includes visiting many events (such as the Awesome 4Networking Australia which I helped create and now manage across NSW), meeting colleagues for coffees, referring business and of course getting it back in return.  This is quite “Transactional” in nature when it comes to “Time for Marketing” which is great!  It’s also a very low-cash and powerful technique.

For me and say my friend such as Edward Wright, as our businesses have gotten bigger as much as we love Networking – going to events gets harder and harder.  In addition too, I often have clients now when Networking Events are on (but as I love it I do my utmost best to hit 2 x per week now).

This example then lends us to having “Automated Sales & Marketing” in ones business.  It’s hard to start out with it, but as one gets into their business building a sense of strong automation gets easier, more effective and talking personally – it has in the past say 6 months started kicking in and is producing me a good few leads each week (that are heavily qualified and usually are of high conversion / value in nature).  These are my favourite Top 7 and feel free to copy, err – I mean find inspiration in what I am doing:

1. Blogging: Powerhouse Articles such as what you are reading now.

2. Referral Networks: My awesome partners sell for me while I am not in the room.  Very cool!

3. LinkedIn: Love it and a great way of staying connected and sharing content (e.g. my blogs).

4. Facebook: Becoming bigger and bigger in my business.  Great for sharing content and driving (e.g. Webinars, Blogs etc).

5. Email Marketing: Autoresponders that kick in when people sign up to my website – nice!

6. Webinars / Events: Technically not “Automated”, but highly leveraged giving a sense of that.

7. Online Products: Such as my Awesome Marketing Vault (right here).  Makes my Marketing, Selling and Job Easier!

I trust those tips help and my view is that the more you can invest into Automated Marketing the better.  It takes time and money to set this up, BUT once you have it going like any business investment it pays off for you.

Thank you for the read and time for me to play some video games (South Park Stick of Truth on PC) and continue my fine weekend.

Love your work and thank you from Edward Zia! Automated Marketing Mentor x x



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  1. Hi Edward,

    AWESOME sharing! You have summed up so much about how we can leverage the internet and social media platforms so that the right customers, clients and potential partners can reach us easily!

    After a good 6-month break from blogging, I am back for my weekly blogging routine! Thanks for your ongoing inspiration. You are also leading by example. Keep ROCKING, Edward!

    Congratulations on launching your Awesome Marketing Vault! I am also a big fan of ‘passive’ income streams. Let’s keep sharing the importance of not simple trading time for time. Thanks!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum

    • Love your work Viola and thanks for the kind words! Glad you are back – Blogging is one AWESOME STRATEGY and it works!

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