Brilliant, clever and all planned out in my view. Sonia Kruger is a media genius! (Image Credit and thanks to Sonia)

Brilliant, clever and all planned out in my view. Sonia Kruger is a media genius! (Image Credit and thanks to Sonia)

If you asked me a few weeks ago who Sonia Kruger was, I would have probably made a lame poor quality joke to the extent of ‘Freddy’s Sister?’

She is now famous and infamous across Australia (and I bet the world right now) being the talk, focus and understanding of many. If you have focusing on more important news (lol) and missed this one, it all started on Channels 9’s today show where called for a ban of muslims entering Australia.

Now if you know Australian media that well, they have a strong lean towards the left. Their socialist views make them very pro-Islam in many ways and you can imagine the shock and horror of her co-presenters on the show. They immediately went after her.

Later on, some of her braver media friends came to her defense on the basis of ‘we don’t agree with her, but she is not a racist / a nice person’. Then, the media came out and silenced her friends on not being able to defend her. You then know she was threatened and they forced her to apologise, but if you listen to what Sonia did – she didn’t at all.

She dug in her heels and didn’t actually withdraw her statement, she stood by it.

What was fascinating about this has all played out is that media didn’t just fire her, didn’t really ‘throw her under the bus’ and personalities have been reluctant to come out and condemn her.

The truth of the matter is that a lot of people agree with her! Viewing on comments on Facebook, Twitter and commentary from others makes this very clear and the reality of it is that she is quite popular and liked. You can’t just ‘take her out’ without a massive backlash. As this played out, I was itching to see Waleed Aly’s (from the Project) reaction to this and he didn’t actually attack her (clever man).

He took the approach of empathising with her fear and disagreeing on the issue. I have lots of respect for Waleed and he knew just ‘attacking’ her wasn’t the way to go.

My thinking on all this is that it’s all a play by Sonia Kruger and people within the networks. Sonia is a highly respected, well understood and experienced television presenter that knew this would all play out like this. She also would have known that the establishment would have come down hard on her.

This was a setup by herself and in the networks in that it has played out very well for everyone (including Sonia herself). Sonia is now becoming a well known, serious and respected character and without any polls to back me – I bet many more like her honesty and directness.

What is the agenda here? I bet there are several at work:

– Ratings: Even I am talking about it.

– Sonia’s Career: Everyone knows about her and for what she loses, she will gain more.

– Conservative Faceless Backers: For her to go against the ‘establishment’ like that and seemingly risk her career? No way. She has backers who want this to all happen.

– People wanting to stop Islamic Immigration: What better way than to get Sonia to start the discussion in the more mainstream?

It’s a setup my friends and Sonia Kruger is a clever operator who knows the game. Still, I know someone put her up to this and she isn’t acting alone. This was a well planned, orchestrated and tactical move all developed to serve everyone involved. I actually don’t agree with her extreme thinking, but still I admire the cleverness of it all. It has just worked out ‘too well’ for this to be a simple gaffe.

Enjoy the read friends, don’t believe what you hear and I bet you she will become quite a powerful character in the time to come!




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