Even the lefties love her - Ivanka is certainly the 'Trump' card! (Image Credit, Ivanka Trump)

Even the lefties love her – Ivanka is certainly the ‘Trump’ card! (Image Credit, Ivanka Trump)

The past few months have been some rocky times for the Trump’s. In some days following Clinton Vs Trump polls daily, she was doing him damage in some core areas.

Key areas Hillary was clearly doing Trump damage was in terms of women’s rights, minorities and immigration and even gay rights. This got me worried for the Trump’s and I was shaken on whether or not they are going to win the election.

However, in all the years I have studied Trump, I knew he would have a rabbit in his hat / a card up his sleeve (in fact he would have many). I was sitting back and waiting for the exact time he would play that card.

It turned out that card is his own flesh and blood Ivanka Trump. She came out with a stellar speech at the RNC 2016 (‘Republican National Convention’) and she nailed it.

For whatever damage Melania Trump took with the ‘plagiarism’ (which I think has done her more good and may have been a setup), Ivanka has come back miles for everyone supporting Trump in core areas.

Her speech was flawless and basically filled all the weaknesses that people feel about Donald. This included women’s pay, rights and of course the awesome LGBT community. It was engaging, powerful and many said it was a speech you would expect to hear at a democratic convention and hardly one of the Republicans. It’s a clever fascinating move that will appeal to many ex-Bernie Sander’s voters, the LGBT community which Hillary and the democrats have clearly turned on (especially with their preference on Islam over Gay Rights) and many swinging voters that would like to hear such a kind message.

You even have the massive left who are obvious natural enemies of the Trump supporting her.

This is powerful, massive and very impressive. Ivanka is ‘the Trump Card’ and now she has been played, I feel massive confidence in Donald Trump being the next President of basically Western Civilisation.

The other side of things too is that Ivanka (before Donald going for the whitehouse) is highly respected, liked and a real social rights champion. So if the left is going to attack here, it’s a tough one. She also wore a $138 dress, compared to say Hillary’s ‘$12,495 Giorgio Armani tweed jacket’ (with the joke being Hillary wearing that jacket while talking about issues of inequality).

My thinking? The Trump’s are some of the best marketers on the planet. Expect them to be in power. They understand the terrain and just know how to play it.

Hillary is going to choke, trip and struggle more than she is.

Awesome times ahead friends. Let’s see the best marketers on the planet pave their way to victory.



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