Selling with really powerful FREE content

Being generous rocks. Always have and people love it (Image Credit, Fallout + Vault Boy)

Being generous rocks. Always have and people love it (Image Credit, Fallout + Vault Boy)

As I normally do; I have been thinking a whole lot about my marketing and approach lately. I have really observed (especially as of late) that just selling something or saying ‘buy this’ straight up rarely works.

You have to give people something for free that is awesome, intelligent, more generous than your competition so people know several important things about you:

  • Firstly, they know you aren’t stingy and you prove you are a great person.
  • Secondly, the actual content solves some of their problems and keeps things moving for them.
  • Thirdly, it gets them involved into your community so they feel part of things.
  • Fourth and finally; you prove beyond reasonable doubt that you really know what they are doing and they become impressed and inspired.

For me, my marketing has been exactly that. If I reflect back over the years, every time I have been generous, helpful, have taken the time to help solve people’s problems and the like I have always got clients and done well.

Whenever I have watched others go the other ‘you give me money for x’ path; I have seen them get into lots of trouble as shown by poor conversion and sales results.

Free Live Webinars, Live Workshops and top content online has always been a blast for me and something that has really worked. I am now finding exactly the same thing in my online marketing for my Awesome Marketing Vault. Just saying ‘Buy the Vault’ would get lots of clicks, but poor sales.

BUT by giving lots of free content and bringing in people that way has been the proven hit for me. In summary, the more generous I am the more clients I get!

My advice and lessons? Give free great stuff away. I totally get you have to be protective with your time (as it’s very limited), but answering questions in workshops, recorded webinars & videos rock. They can give away your knowledge and help people with no additional physical work from yourself and has done wonders for me and many I have worked with.

Start with something small and as time passes give away more, contribute more and become even more awesome than you can possibly imagine!

Love your work, thanks for the ready and keep at it – always be improving.

P.S. If you check out the Fallout Video Games franchise, their marketing is always free funny stuff online. Combined with a great game, it must be a near billion dollar franchise!