Taking advantage of our ‘Creative Bursts’

You never know when great creative ideas shall hit!

You never know when great creative ideas shall hit!

I woke up this morning and even without coffee; I was totally pumped and creative. Every few weeks, I have these very ‘creative and productive’ sessions whereby I am totally in the zone and I basically work at 300% of my normal speed.

One of my very awesome big clients required me to write up the content for them on a very high level Corporate Brochure. The wording has to be perfect and I had been thinking about it for a few days. I had the job scheduled in for Saturday (no phone calls and quiet; perfect for serious writing) and I woke up pumped.

I originally was going to do it later in the day, but I was so productive I thought no gym, let’s get it done! It was great and I produced a great 3000 words that was some of my strongest writing ever. I took advantage of my ‘creative productivity’.

If you speak to any of the leading creatives like I have (including people who earn over $500,000 per year working for top advertising agencies), ‘creativity’ is everything to them. That is; they need that amazing creative idea that not only wows the client; but is something that people will see in the market and ‘go wow’ and buy the service.

Creativity is one of those things that I doubt machines would ever do well (in fact, in sci-fi, whenever humans fight machines – it’s the unpredictable creative nature of humans that saves them). Creativity comes to us at sometimes anytime that can even be those creative moments that many of us get in the shower.

I actually spoke to a friend of mine who is a great psychologist (Joel Curtis) and asked him that question about how we get creative impulses in the shower. There are a lot of answers to that, but one is the body & mind is resting – so the ‘creative’ sides of us comes up with powerful ideas.

Also too, those moments at 4AM when you wake up with a creative idea? Your awesome brain has been busy overnight and you come up with something great.

Whatever the reason, you will have moments of ‘Breakthrough’, ‘Ah-Ha’ or ‘Creative Productive Sprees’.

My advice and thinking? When they hit you, take advantage of them! I have come up with some amazing profitable ideas in those moments that have done me wonders.

Glad I got one today! Got lots of client work done and very happy. Time for me to rest now and prepare for my next one.

Love your work, here is to creativity and stay awesome friends!