I am loving my Facebook Remarketing Advertisement!

Drinking tea in Sydney's Northern Beaches and check out my FB ad. Yay it's working!

Drinking tea in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and check out my FB ad. Yay it’s working!

It was just yesterday that I embarked on my own first personal Facebook Remarketing / Retargeting Ad. For those new to this concept, it where you can show Facebook Ads to people who have already visited your website previously.

It’s incredibly powerful in that you are marketing to people who already have experience with your brand and you can further encourage them become your customers.

It’s been almost 24 hours now and it has definitely much more engagement to ads that go to the ‘cold market’. I have been doing so much Facebook Advertising, I now know in basically 24 hours whether an ad is going to be good or bad for my business.

What I really like about it is that I have friends, people that know me well and awesome acquaintances who are becoming pals liking and seeing the advertisement.

This is a great thing in that instead of spending all of my marketing dollar on people that don’t know me (that will take quite a bit of time to warm up), I am spending it on people who do know me already and I can best get their positive word of mouth or them joining my community.

One key lesson I learned very early on in my Facebook / Online Journey is that you can get thousands of views – and if they are the ‘wrong’ ones it doesn’t matter. Ultimately you have to ensure the ‘right’ message is going before the ‘right’ person so it turns into a lead (and then a sale).

If the right people see the wrong message; don’t expect any sales!

My lessons and advice so far? I love Facebook Remarketing as it hits people that are already warm to you. It’s also critical to be as generous as possible. My advertisement goes straight to Free Content to help people get more powerful than ever before.

I shall keep you updated friends! I’m loving it so far!