Facebook Retargeting and high conversion to sale!

The actual graphic used in my FB retargeting ad. I am excited and wish me luck!

The actual graphic used in my FB retargeting ad. I am excited and wish me luck!

It was just 5 minutes ago and one of my new Facebook Retargeting Ads were just approved. If you are new to the term ‘Retargeting’ it actually gained fame several years ago when Google introduced it into their Adwords platform (then FB picked it up a good 18 months ago).

The way it works is that you put a bit of code into the backend on your website. As people visit your website, your site actually puts an anonymous browser cookie on their system which lets say FB, Google or the provider know they have visited your website.

In the case of FB, you put in a “Tracking Pixel” onto your site, people visit, they get a browser cookie and this tells FB who they are, what they are doing on your site and the like. You then can create advertising campaign to target them.

So have you ever noticed that when you visit a website and then ‘mysteriously’ you see their FB advertisement within minutes? That is because a ‘Retargeting Ad’ most likely has picked you up. I have plenty of clients that use them and every I know swears by them and I have been getting right into it.

The beauty of it is that you market to people to have already visited your website. This is a great thing in that they now know who you are and you get to market to them again and continue that educational process. As you may have heard / know, it takes many swipes of the same person to turn them into a customer!

My new one is going right now set at $5 per day and it’s targeting 1300 people (in Australia) that have visited my website in the past 180 days. It will take a good 2 – 4 weeks for results to come, so I can very excited. It updates in real time too, so someone who visits my website could literally see a FB ad minutes later. Very cool!

My advice? Make sure you get your website and other areas of your business just right (as I have been doing) and when you know you are ready, try some retargeting. FB is my favourite for sure and it’s a great means of marketing yourself in style.

I shall keep you all updated as to my progress and nervously excited!

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome friends – and here is to FB retargeting!