Disagree Awesome Tony. Columbian's rock!

Disagree Awesome Tony. Columbian’s rock!

It’s been a crazy Sunday for us at home. From doing quite a bit of working ‘on the business’, to the gym, to spending time with my awesome wife – we have had a great one.

One interesting side plot that came up today was selling one of our couches that we got from IKEA. It was this really massive couch that was convertible into a bed. As much as we loved it, it never got really used, took up lots of space and it was time to cut our losses and move it on.

My awesome wife listed it on Gumtree and she had enquiries coming out of her ears. It came down to two key parties and one person called up my wife, bartered with her, didn’t make it easy for her. He didn’t pay by when he promised and it created a bit of distress.

Fortunately, we had two very awesome people contact us and they rocked. They were very awesome and charismatic Columbians. They were kind, reasonable, paid right away and were just a pleasure to work with. After we sold the very new couch, we breathed a sigh of relief and had a great chat on what a real customer is.

In business we can get screwed around (at times) by the wrong people. It’s absolutely critical we be careful who we work with and make sure we don’t get pulled off track. My wife said no to the person giving us the run around and said yes to the very awesome Columbians. It was a pleasure, things just worked and everyone is happy.

My advice and thinking? Besides these Columbians breaking the general stereotype, make sure you work with only the ‘right’ type of people. My litmus test is working with people who are as awesome as myself. I pay my bills ASAP, respect suppliers and the like. Hence, I like customers of the same ilk.

Work with the right people. You will be forever happier and wealthy for it!

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!

P.S. As much as I love Scarface, I disagree with Tony Montana. Columbian’s rock!



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