Part of my 'scientific' diagram drawn on my Microsoft Surface today discussing the issue.

Part of my ‘scientific’ diagram drawn on my Microsoft Surface today discussing the issue.

I was with a very awesome client today who is kind, progressive and a great operator (you know who you are awesome friend).

We had a great discussion and one topic we really focused on was the benefit of focusing on just ‘the next step’ and not worrying too much into the distant future. I have found over the years that it can be easy to worry about something that is say 18 months away, when one still has loose ends that need to be tied up to make the next month.

One of my big earlier mistakes in business was doing exactly that. Not delivering immediate projects and worrying about issues that aren’t even relevant for at least 6 months.

This tragically created a lot of stress for me, plenty of work and it also weakened my business in that important stuff simply was not getting done. But I learned my awesome lesson!

I got really focused on what I needed to and put effort into the immediate projects. My workload strangely decreased, my stress levels plummeted and my business grew. When I met with my awesome client today and talked through this concept, I explained to him the ‘Hills Concept’ that my original business mentor Greg Hudson taught me about.

Consider this, business success is climbing many different hills. As we climb up a hill, we can only see so much in front of us. When we overcome the challenges of a given set, we then reach the top of a hill and can see the next layer of challenges.

Basically it means we can only see so much ahead, so focus on the now and what you need to do (with the end goal in mind). For me, bringing my attention to the here and now has been very awesome.

My advice? Know where you are headed, BUT focus on immediate projects. That will give you a massive edge and a great sense of peace.

For me personally, it’s website and online lately! Going great guns.

Love your work, thank you great secret client and stay awesome.



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