Brilliant, Kind and loves her clients - Tina Zinghini from Miss Lushes Lashes rocks!

Brilliant, Kind and loves her clients – Tina Zinghini from Miss Lushes Lashes rocks!

In the years I have worked with people in business, entrepreneurship and also Corporate – you get two types of people in the very high level.

They are ‘the professionals’ vs ‘the amateurs’. From this viewpoint, I am not talking about suits, dressing or anything superficial like that. You can have a total professional that wears Army Shorts, right through to a total amateur in a Hugo Boss suit.

One this comes down too are the people that really care about what they do, are proud in their work and succeed for not just the money – but because they want to deliver quality. I was very lucky to learn this lesson quite early on in my career as a Marketing Manager / Director and this exactly played out in my business when I got into it.

Tragically, I used to attract lots of ‘amateur’ clients. They were sadly people who were all talk, in it for the money and delivered a mediocre result at best. As time passed (and I improved my own game) I was lucky to get super professional clients that make up my community today.

They are intelligent, caring, brilliant and get stuff done. They put their customers first, hence it’s not accident why they are successful. One of these people I want to put into the spotlight of praise is the awesome Tina Zinghini from Miss Lushes Lashes.

She owns a Lashes / Beauty Studio in Camden (a beautiful regional suburb in the South West of Greater Sydney) and I once got a Facebook message from her. She is brilliant and needed help in mastering her Facebook so she can get more clients.

We did exactly that and her business is I think at least 50% than same time last year and one of her big assets was the fact she is a professional.

She really does care for her staff and clients – and it’s not an accident or a fluke she is successful. It’s the results of continual work, results and a deliverance of quality.

Tina ironically trained me (even though she pays me lol) in that she showed me the type of attributes that makes a successful business owner in a very obvious, observable and easy to understand form.

My advice and thinking? Be a professional. I honestly didn’t feel like a professional when I started my business for the first 6 months, so I worked my butt off to improve my style until I could look you in the eye and say “Yes, I am a professional”.

Care for your customers, deliver the best and success tends to naturally flow your way.

Thanks for the read, thank you Tina, go hard and stay awesome!

P.S. Check out Tina’s FB Page here!



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