Poor Bill is hungry!

Poor Bill is hungry!

It’s 6:10PM Saturday night as I start writing this blog on Election night. I tip the Liberal / Coalition to a clean win to government for a range of reasons (with the news dominated by many headlines).

From modern civilisation fighting terrorism to Bill Shorten fighting Malcolm Turnbull – you are getting sides fighting each other big time.

It can range from one’s very life, to ones freedom and¬†economic survival in the first world. When we are in business for ourselves, we have our own opposition. It can be our own ‘enemy within’ to our competition.

Basically, I am putting forward the case that our ‘opposition’ can come from many different directions. In my own case based on my own successes, I have my own competition too that are pitching to my potential clients for their coaching dollar.

I am up against people much bigger than me and in terms of ‘fighting them’ for them for potential customers, they are my own opposition and I need to demonstrate more value to the community than other potential options (or I just don’t get clients).

We have to be playing our own game and be mindful of opposition when running our own businesses. I find it really important to always:

– Be improving.

– Asking yourself why people should hire you.

– Pushing harder and harder.

– Delivering something unique and powerful.

– Using leveraged technologies as much as possible.

– Getting the edge anyway you can!

The more we do this, the better we are setup, the more powerful we become and we demonstrate great value to our potential customers. Ultimately, when it comes to an actual buying decision – we work hard to ensure / hope that they choose us / our company as the potential option.

My advice and thinking? Know yourself. Know your competition. Find your difference and go hard.

It’s going to be a great one for Turnbull and Shorten tonight, but of course Turnbull is the likely.

Love your work, stay awesome, go hard and here is to conquering ones opposition!



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