Over 300 people in for the Western Sydney Business Awards!

The WSABE is already a hit. Looking forward to this one!

The WSABE is already a hit. Looking forward to this one!

I got a very cool phone call from Steve Reynolds from Parramatta Chamber yesterday. He is heading up the committee for the 2016 Western Sydney Business Awards of Excellence (the ‘WSABE’ as we call it) and he mentioned that over 300 businesses have entered.

The entries have closed now and from what I can gather, this is a massive increase from our previous WSABE events. Of course I’d love to put it down to our elite contributions and hard work to the project, however of course it’s much more than that.

I think there are a lot of reasons why this WSABE is bigger, better already and going to be a massive hit.

Firstly, the business crowd in Parramatta & Western Sydney are getting savvier and more connected. People get the importance of participating in business awards and the like.

Secondly, Parramatta Chamber has grown massively over the years. Our influence there has been pretty sweet and many more people hear about our cool initiatives including the WSABE, Business After 5’s and the like.

Thirdly and finally – I think people are really getting the why you enter the business awards. They aren’t so much ‘Dog & Pony Shows’ – it’s about getting connected, getting people (on the house) to analyse your business and getting lots of new ideas.

When we are in business for ourselves, having a stream of new ideas is just critical to our own success. Without new ideas we stagnate and soon we can see our revenues hitting a wall and not growing any higher.

Through networking, business awards, hitting events and the like – we stay connected with movers & shakers which keeps our mind moving and engages us with plenty of new business ideas to help us win.

My advice and thinking? Stay tuned on the WSABE and how things play out. Also too, make sure you get out there and do cool stuff. It always pays off.

Love your work, thank you Steve Reynolds and Parramatta Chamber. Great things to come!