They had me at SBS Pop Asian. Cool!

They had me at SBS Pop Asian. Cool!

I have always been a massive fan of SBS. As you may have seen in some of my previous blogs, I am the direct opposite of a fan when it comes to the ABC. Their far left agenda and bias reporting overtime drove me into the arms of the very awesome SBS.

The SBS to me have always had the cool, strange and wonderful international films, but I shall tell you where they won me over:

“Objective, independent and reasonable reporting”

That almost sounds like a prerequisite of any media outlet and it’s just funny only a few hold that title. SBS certainly does and going behind the scenes was great, fun and yet something I didn’t quite expect.

The awesome Justin Datu greeted me at the door and kindly showed me around the place. We went right from the Accounts department to the very awesome Asian Pop Radio room and it felt more like the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) that what you would expect a media outlet to be like.

Suits were few and far between, you had high end creatives working away, there were pool tables, you could feel the nervous tension of people coming in and out no doubt with big stories and everyone was in their own ‘little world’ working away.

I was then thinking, imagine this day in and day out? What a world of it’s own the SBS. Imagine the worldwide exposure you would get and the cool ideas one would be exposed too?

SBS needs to probably be exactly what. You have people 24 hours per day 7 days a week that need to be pumping out high value creative and compelling ideas. Ratings don’t come by themselves and you need that space to bring it all together in a powerful way. It’s got me thinking about how I can become more creative and powerful myself.

My advice? Next time you watch SBS think behind the scenes of how it all comes together. It’s mind blogging and love it.

Thank you Justin Datu! You rock and love your work SBS.



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