Selecting the right people to become your NEW CLIENTS!

Only the wonderful people allowed in your community!

Only the wonderful people allowed in your community!

As my business, life and community has exploded over the past 6 months especially; it’s been a massive learning experience dealing with lots of wonderful people.

It’s a totally different pace when I started out with just a handful of clients in that I have this whole world around me now with wonderful people winning, overcoming challenges, helping them and becoming part of key parts of their lives.

As this has all played out and the workshops are coming out, I must make core decisions as who to focus on and who not too on a very frequent basis.

I started learning very quickly that I better learn how to get used to hearing ‘NO’, being patient and quickly moving on from people that don’t look like they will work out being part of my community.

That is when I started out (especially with my Awesome Marketing Vault) I would aim it at everyone, only realising over time that it’s for a wonderful person that loves the energy of what we do.

I then connected the dots and realised that all these people I was chasing and thinking about were not suited to be part of the community! It was a wonderful realisation / ‘Penny Drop’ event here in that I could let go of all these people I was thinking about and keep my attention towards the wonderful.

As my thinking evolved, it’s become an exercise of meeting lots of people, running great workshops and picking the wonderful and focusing my energy. It also requires making conscious decisions not to pursue certain people where I know it won’t work out.

My advice and thinking? Your business is NOT FOR EVERYONE. Get a feel for those it’s suited for and keep them in mind and encourage them to join.

As you get that level of understanding, you bring the right people in so it’s a massive win / win and you leave the wrong people alone which is great.

You want your community / clients made up of only the wonderful. Of course, ‘wonderful’ is a subjective term so know what yours is, so you can build your group exactly that way.

Love your work, thank you for the read, here is to the right people and stay awesome!

P.S. Image Credit to Eric Cartman from South Park doing my favourite sketch “Whatever, i’ll do what I what!”