Would I hire me?

Of course I would! (Lol)

Of course I would! (Lol)

As I was out and about this morning post gym workout; I was thinking about myself in as a detached manner as possible.

How do I look to the outside world? What kind of person being ‘Edward Zia’ is coming across?

Then as my thinking evolved and stacked, I then asked myself would I hire myself?

The immediate answer was yes! However, I am not sure if I would 6 to 18 months ago.

As I thought through this dangerous thinking, I then started asking questions of why I would hire myself now.

My key reasons of why I would hire myself now included:

–          I personally am strong, stable, have it together and winning.

–          The track record is incredible.

–          I am staying current every week.

–          My accessibly to my clients is second to none.

–          I walk the talk and can be relied upon.

This sounded great and many wonderful people are making the same assessment about me.

What I pose to you is go through the same exercise yourself. Without ego, without fear, without positive hype; start asking yourself if you would honestly hire yourself.

The reason I don’t think I would have hired myself 6 months ago was that I was a little bit fat then and my eating was out of control. That is a big turnoff for me, although I would have greatly respected my older thinking.

In your case as you think this through, you will come up with points that you admire about yourself and areas you know that you need to take care of. It’s maybe you, your staff, how you run your business or even how much you care. You will know what it is and as you think it through you make note of what you must work on.

I did six months ago and my health & weight made #1 on that list. Now, it’s taken care of, more clients and winning.

My advice and thinking? As yourself really hard questions and turn off your ego for the moment as you do it. Don’t let negative or positive thinking influence you. Be balanced and objective.

This will give you the truth which allows you to act in an effective manner.

Love your work, thank you for the read everyone and make it better wonderful people!