Being naturally drawn to the wonderful

It's great to follow your 'gut' and get drawn to wonderful people!

It’s great to follow your ‘gut’ and get drawn to wonderful people!

Today has been a very long; yet wonderful day of clients, results and working with great people.

Interestingly my day finished with a wonderful event at a British Chamber event where I had a few wonderful visitors come along for the evening.

As I was introducing them to the event and getting them going from a networker’s perspective; I was giving them the upbeat, yet my extremely direct way that I explain complex ideas in as little time as possible.

It came out in an extremely truthful and funny way where I basically said this about meeting people:

–          Walk around. If you get a great feeling about someone say hello. If you don’t, avoid them and keep moving on with a big smile!

This completely describes my approach in that as you get into events, you start to develop a natural feel for people you gel with and people you don’t. One naturally then avoids the people one has problems with and is drawn to those that we are comfortable around.

Throughout all the events I have attended, this has played out whether I am conscious about it or not and it makes networking much easier and more focused.

My advice and thinking? When it comes to business networking, you will start to get a natural feel for those you gel with. If anything, you will start to see the exact type of character that just works and you can focus on them.

Time is money of course and it’s about making the event productive for you and everyone else.

Select people wisely and smile!

Love your work, thank you for the wonderful event and to all the people that made it great!