I was very lucky to bump into an old friend Tony Rosier today at a Business Expo. Always pays to be out and about - love it!

I was very lucky to bump into an old friend Tony Rosier today at a Business Expo. Always pays to be out and about – love it!

Today has been a very long, yet very rewarding day for me. It started with me getting up 5:30AM, responding to leads and being out the door to make the Bankstown Networking Breakfast at 7:30AM.

This was full of great business owners hosted by the ‘Bankstown Business Advisory Service’ and immediately after that, there was a great Business Expo which has been planned for months. This was tons of great people, exhibitors and it was all focused on the awesomeness of South Western Sydney.

As I attended the event, I bumped into lots of people I knew. I mean lots of them. Old clients, old friends, old people who aren’t my greatest fans and awesome supporters and fans I am totally blessed to have.

I must have spoken to at least 15 awesome people today, have got plenty of great leads / likely clients from today and it was an awesome event being a fantastic usage of my time.

This got me thinking about marketing at a much deeper level and the importance of business networking. When it comes to events, it’s really important to attend the right ones that suits one’s business. I loved 4Networking during my leadership time there, Parramatta Chamber has been outstanding – and attending Business Expo’s and charity events have been just great.

Talking Sales, Succeeding & Working with people – it comes down to being in the right place, surrounded by the right people. When I started in business, I started out in some networking groups where I just wasn’t welcome. Over time I then found great groups where I became part of the fabric, I could help people, refer business and of course pick up just great clients.

My lesson and learning from today? It’s critical to be Marketing & Selling and connecting in the right parts of town with the right people. If you aren’t feeling supported in your business – or a bit disconnected, it’s time for you to explore.

Business Chambers, Networking Groups & the like just rock. The more of the right events we attend, the better!

Love your work, thanks for the read and of course – Stay Awesome!



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