Like Awesome Fallout 4 and 'Vault Boy' being out there - Great Marketing keeps the leads coming. Love it!

Like Awesome Fallout 4 and ‘Vault Boy’ being out there – Great Marketing keeps the leads coming. Love it!

It’s been about 1 month now since I have totally upgraded my Facebook Campaign. From increasing my spend to a good $60 per day, putting out more videos, email marketing more and really getting into things.

When I first did it, I thought “Oh-Oh”, I am spending more and it was a very stressful moment. At the start, nothing happened – but about 1 month later it’s been awesome. I am starting to get lots of new leads come in and it’s been a totally fun experience.

From people checking out The Awesome Marketing Vault, to enquiring about mentoring, old awesome clients coming back – it’s all been stressful but now rewarding going through this whole process.

One thing I have really found is that if I think of my own business or my clients highly successful businesses, at the end of the day – they are almost always the ones having leads come in all time.

Clients come and go, people finish up – so by having a steady stream of clients coming in your way it keeps your profitability high, replaces lost clients, increases your footprint – and of course, keeps things nice and awesome in business.

My advice and thinking on this issue is that it’s critical to keep working on your Marketing, Process, Sales & Systems so you have a steady flow of leads coming in. This tends to solve a whole lawt of problems in a business.

For me especially with the new marketing program I have in place – things are getting busy, flat out and very successful with tons of new clients and business coming in .

My advice? Marketing always comes before clients and don’t be afraid to inch it up. Like Oxygen, the more you give to your business – the more it shall grow.

Love your work, thanks for the read and Stay Awesome!



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