Owning your mistakes - it's not easy, but a cheap laugh for everyone!

Owning your mistakes – it’s not easy, but a cheap laugh for everyone!

I cannot blame President Obama, Bill Shorten, Religious Extremism or even use my “Life in Sydney” cop-out on this one. I messed up today.

What is more funny, is that the way I messed up would easily demonstrate that I perhaps don’t posses the Post Graduate Studies that I have displayed above my desk.

Today I ran out of petrol.

It’s not the first time I have really driven around on empty and when I made it to a meeting, I parked on a hill. As I came out some hours later, the car wouldn’t start (if you park on a hill on a low tank, it can drain out of the system).

Fortunately I had a bit of time, a petrol station was a nice 10 minute walk away and the problem was all taken care of. I walked into the Petrol Station with a Jerry Can, looked a bit like a dill, but got it filled and got my poor car all recharged. I posted up my own mistake on Facebook for people to laugh at me and this got me thinking on much deeper level about how we make mistakes.

We all make mistakes and we all do things we aren’t proud of. What I have learned is that it’s really important to own your own mistakes. When we come out clean about mistakes we have made in our business, it actually eliminates the shame (as everyone knows) and better still – it allows us to better deal with what has happened and take action.

In terms of becoming great at Marketing one’s business (believe me – talking from personal experience here), we only become great at marketing by trying so many different strategies. About 1/2 to 2/3 won’t work out, but what’s left over can be incredibly powerful for our businesses.

That is – in Marketing, the more mistakes we make is the faster we get better. It can be easy to be afraid of making mistakes in marketing, but the more we admit them – the sharper and smarter we get.

My advice and thinking? Talking cars – keep a full tank of gas. Talking Marketing – make mistakes & make it happen. You will love it.

Thank you for the read, love your work & Stay Awesome!



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