Sometimes people just insult you whilst one is making a deal. That sucks. Get Control Fast or Get Out Fast!

Sometimes people just insult you whilst one is making a deal. That sucks. Get Control Fast or Get Out Fast!

Donald Trump has got me very excited from several viewpoints. Not only do I think he will wind up being the next US President, I think he is the type of character America really needs to get things active and happening again.

I have been watching lots of his footage and putting aside my political views I have really enjoyed the way he negotiates with strength and substance. For me, it’s been quite inspiring in that situations in life over the last year have really ‘Encouraged’ / ‘Forced’ me to get good at this total artform.

Most of the time, things are just great for me. I treat people fairly and kindly – they treat me fairly and kindly back. Most people are like this – but not everyone. I have had some situations where people aren’t like that and they either start trying to unfairly exploit, cease offering win / win desirable deals or even worse – try and offer something ‘paltry’ but dress it up as ‘awesome’.

This usually ends up in a bad place for everyone in that when two people are negotiating – once one side suggests something totally outrageous it can destroy a discussion very quickly.

In a few deals this has happened to me. I am busy offering my help, support, thinking win / win – and then the other side just offers something crazy and borderline mean. 

This totally sucks and when this happens to you and me – I find it’s time to really go to go for broke and sort things out. If someone loses that amount of respect for you suggests an extreme that is just off track, I find two things can either happen. You either knock them back into shape – or things end very quickly.

Be it people hiring you directly, business deals with partners and the like – most people are totally awesome. However, you will get people that will try and take advantage of you and tragically this usually backfires on them.

For me, I have ended lots of business relationships – only to find people trying to be my pal later on. Ha ha, Yeah Right!

I bet if you are reading this article, you can totally resonate with my viewpoint. If you have been screwed, push back from a position of strength. If someone tries to screw you – push back immediately and rebalance the relationship or end it.

It’s a pity some people do this, but their choice. Our job to teach them otherwise…

Love your work, thanks for the read and of course – Stay Awesome!



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