As I spend more time in business, the importance of 'Leverage' and 'Automation' increases. It does take quite a bit of tinkering to get it right -however it's well worth it! (Thank you Gamespot for the great image of Vault Boy!)Hello Awesome People!

Automating your Marketing & Your Business is one of those key activities that we must do in order to grow beyond a certain point.

It wasn’t before long in my business that I reached a full book of Awesome Clients. I remember my first client, then my tenth client and then my hundredth client with pride and a smile. As I look back on my own mistakes, lessons and victories – these days I work less hours in my business, earn more and deliver way more value to my clients in terms of the Strategic help and support I give them.

Talking to many of my more mature clients too – a key note in my thinking lately can be summarized in the following question:

“How can I earn more, deliver more, grow more with less work on my own personal part?”

This is a perfect question to me and this often directs thinking in many profitable directions. As I resonate on these key ideas and my own development in what I am doing lately – the following key insights come to mind:

– Leverage: How can I do one behaviour that hits multiple people? In my case – this blog is a great example, doing Facebook Posts that get seen by thousands whether I am sleeping or not and the like. Running Events and Webinars too are great examples of this.

-Business Outsourcing & Automation: This has been a great one for me in terms of better using my team. Say using Awesome Martha Arifin in helping me with design, Lauren Watts as my fine Virtual Assistant – basically using peoples services to help me with automation

– Marketing Automation: This is a great area which I really got into about 6 months ago. Having automatic sign ups to your database, people getting great tools & materials sent to them without any input – basically you marketing to people on a powerful level without any direct input from yourself.

– Product & Income Automation: If you are say in “Professional Services” like myself a great idea is to be able to “Productize” your offering. I have done that in my Premium Online Course The Awesome Marketing Vault – really helps build income without any direct work.

In my own business, I spend lots of time looking after my Awesome Clients and the rest of it working on my own Marketing, Leverage and Automation. It is an ongoing process and the more I automated and use “Leveraged Technologies” the more profitable and better my business becomes.

My advice? If you are say full of clients and established – looking at better Leverage / Automation I think is a very good idea. A very simple place many of my clients start is by getting their Database / Regular Emails going. It’s a small, yet important place to start as it can help get potential clients over the line, and reactive old clients without a lot heavy work. It does take a great deal of work, lots of tinkering, tweaking and ongoing optimization – but it’s all well worth it!

You may even start pumping out Webinars, Free Events and the like too if you are a Coach, Mentor or Consultant.

Love your work and hope these profitable tips help you!

About the Author:

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor & Commentator who loves helping Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs get more high value clients with Profitable Sales & Marketing Strategies.

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