Kind, Brilliant, Strong and Herself - Marie Esteban is one top Mentor that I have totally respect for.  Being yourself is a great way to stand out and get noticed!

Kind, Brilliant, Strong and Herself – Marie Esteban is one top Mentor that I have totally respect for. Being yourself is a great way to stand out and get noticed!

Hello Awesome People!

We live in a world today where people are smarter, clever and can smell a rat from a mile away. From a marketers viewpoint, we often say we are in the time of “Relationships”.  This is a basic reference to the fact that there are hundreds if not thousands of different options that people have to spend their money on these days.

People (rightfully so) need to feel trust, credibility and reliability today before they make a purchase decision.

Today, I was very lucky to work with a fine Business Mentor by the name of Marie Esteban. She is a kind, sharp, fit and very focused type of character that has worked with people in very different walks of life helping them get their lives &  businesses super successful.

We worked together for some hours today on a range of topics and one key theme that came up very early was the importance of really being yourself and sticking to exactly that. We both exchanged stories of working with people at times in our lives you you just know aren’t telling the truth, are putting on a “Front” and most likely are totally loaded with BS.

Then speaking to the positive, we also spoke about people that were kind, truth telling that you know aren’t messing you around and are telling you the the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

As we spoke on this topic and started more reflecting on my 7 Figure Clients, I realized very quickly that:

– My most wealthiest and truly high value clients are 100% Authentic. Be it people hate them or not – they are themselves and they are extremely successful for it.

This was quite pleasing in many respects and our thinking was “Why are they successful?” In short, we felt it was because they are more trusted, people feel better about engaging their company’s services and furthermore – they stand out.

That is, because they are being truly themselves in everything they do – by consequence they stand out big time. As they stand out, more people hire them and surprise, surprise – they are in the 7 Figure / Millionaire club.

My thinking and advice on this one? Don’t put on a front. Be exactly what the market wants and be exactly yourself. It’s very hard just putting on a front your whole life, so be who you are and you shall attract and repel the right people. As you are being authentic, you will attract lots of clients so all good!

Some will like you, some won’t like you and that’s okay!

Stick to your own game, be yourself and you will naturally stand out. Some people will totally love you and totally hire you. That way you can succeed by being yourself. To me, that is what owning your business is all about. Succeeding YOUR way and YOUR way in style.

Thanks for the read, thank you Marie for your inspiration and love your work!

About the Author:

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor, Blogger and 4Networking Leader. He teaches Sales & Marketing Strategies perfect for getting more profitable high value clients.

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