Consistent Marketing always putting yourself and your business out there is critical. Success is 95 percent implementation!

Consistent Marketing always putting yourself and your business out there is critical. Success is 95 percent implementation!

Hello Awesome People!

Building a strong business with abundant high value clients starts with strong and effective marketing. I was with a great client today (who is a very educated & experienced business man) and he made a great point in our discussion:

– Success is 5% Strategy and 95% Implementation

I couldn’t agree with that more in that I can pump out a powerhouse strategy for most of my clients quite quickly. The ones that follow it kick butt and the ones that don’t, tend to get their butt kicked.

Not by me of course, the “Market” will often kick them in the behind in terms of no clients and a sad bank balance.

As Monday this week begun, I got straight into updating my Business & Marketing Plan including my own latest KPIs.

You can download a copy of it right here for your own inspiration and if you pay close attention to the last page titled “Weekly KPIs for Edward Zia” you can see a basic shopping list of what I have to do every week (if you want to learn more about this too, check out my Premium Online Course The Awesome Marketing Vault Right Here).

In short, based on what I want to earn and achieve my business – I have worked out what I must do every week for this to become a reality.  My list included:

1 x Business Networking Event
3 x Coffee Chats
3 x Pro-Active Referrals for others
7 x Blog Posts
7 x Facebook & Social Media Posts
1 x Friday Email Newsletter
4 x Fitness Slots (60 Minutes each)
3 x Facebook Marketing Reviews
1 x Public Speaking Event (per fortnight)
1 x AMV Update (per month)

This has been an evolution of what I have always done and as long as I get through my workload, my bank balance, clients and business loves me.

Going back to what my awesome client said in relation to Success being 5% Strategy and 95% Implementation – I think KPIs are no different. It’s an easy strategy to say “Go Networking, Write Blogs, Use Facebook and hit the Gym” – and doing it it something totally different.

My lesson and advice here? Nothing wrong with dreaming and thinking big – but then you have to think small very quickly and work out what you are going to do next week. Thinking about meeting potential clients won’t get sales, meeting potential clients and selling them your services shall!

I encourage you to start working out your own KPIs to help you kick butt and give you structure to follow each week. This thinking radically changed my own business and many of my fine clients.

Love your work and trust the read has helped!

About the Author:

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor & Consultant who loves helping Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners grow their businesses with profitable success.

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!

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