Profitable Marketing Success starts with working with only Awesome People. A big thanks to Stella Bella for the inspiration to this article!

Profitable Marketing Success starts with working with only Awesome People. A big thanks to Stella Bella for the inspiration to this article!

Hello Awesome People!

Regardless of your Marketing Strategy or whatever you have in mind – when it comes to Small Business you have to work with other people. As an extension of the School Yard, you get your paragons, bullies, pranksters, fit people, sluggish people, quiet people, loud people and all the wonderful people in this microcosm that represents the world.

I was very lucky to meet up with the Awesome Stella Bella today who is a very bubbly, good-natured and driven entrepreneur who has a few cool businesses in the Hotels, Bar & Restaurant Industries. As we spoke and worked over a fine Japanese Lunch in the Inner-West Suburb of Campsie (in Sydney) – the topic of personal integrity came up in discussion.

We work with lots of people, be it clients, suppliers, friends and partners – and the reality is that if you can’t trust someone, it’s going to be very hard to make an effective and sustainable buck. In short, “Integrity is Everything” and in short, this is my key reasoning why as per different character type:

– Clients: Bad clients don’t pay your bills! That is a double-whammy in that you lose the time and also don’t get the revenue. Great clients rock and pay on time (so make sure you do too).

– Suppliers: Bad suppliers can overcharge you and either never deliver or deliver something average. You want people as cool as you!

– Friends: Good friends will support you and care for you.

– Business Partners: You want people you can trust on this one big time! I once had a Business Partner that totally took all the business I gave them and gave me nothing in return. It cost me lots of money and when I woke up to it I had taken lots of damage by then.

My advice from painful lessons? Be careful who you play with! Make sure you are surrounded by people as cool as yourself and you can see mutually profitable relationships form.

If you have a few “Rats in the Barn” – make sure you move away from them and protect yourself from them. They can do you lots of damage and life is short – you want the right / awesome people to work with.

Love your work, thanks to Stella Bella for the inspiration and keep at it.

About the Author:

Edward Zia (me) is a Marketer and Commentator who loves teaching Profitable Sales & Marketing Strategies.

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