Be Quick or Be Dead! Life can move fast in a big city and if you don't pick up clients fast, you may not pick them up at all!

Be Quick or Be Dead! Life can move fast in a big city and if you don’t pick up clients fast, you may not pick them up at all!

If you are from Sydney or a big city like myself, you can probably relate to this heading I have here. I have found this to be very true as a consultant working the streets of Sydney.

Be it Mid-Tier, Entrepreneur Clients or whatever the case may be – picking up new clients / clients finishing up can be as quick or as instantly as an email. One big thing I have learned very much over the past 6 months is that in short:

Be Quick or Be Dead!

That is, when someone is ready to hire what you do – they are usually ready to go in an instant! If you aren’t available to meet with them, pick up the work or get started – you can very much lose that potential client if they meet someone else and are ready to get started.  Also as well, they can “Cool Down” on their drive to purchase your type of service at all.

For me personally I have had phone calls at say 5:30PM that night from people with Marketing / Sales issues that need it fixed now. In one case, I was able to meet them at 8AM in the morning, solve their problems and have a new client by 10AM.

It’s funny how people work (me included).  They can spend months deciding to say hire someone that does what you do.  The moment they do:

They want it right now!

This makes complete sense to me in that once you have thought something through (be it that it takes weeks or months) you may just be purely ready to go. When you are ready to go – why wait? You want a trustworthy supplier that is ready to pick you up right away so you can get started.

My tips, advice and insights? This is a very short blog with a very simple message that I have learned and made thousands:

Be there in an instant ready to solve their problems, sign them up and have a great time.

Pure & Simple! Be fast, be cool, be the trusted one and pick up clients.

Thank you for reading the shortest blog I have read ever – it’s short potent point and love your work!

About the Fast Moving Author:

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor, 4Networking Leader and Blogger who loves helping Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs totally master their marketing.

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