Parramatta Chamber tonight at Condon Associates rocked. It was a full of great people and it got me thinking...

Parramatta Chamber tonight at Condon Associates rocked. It was a full of great people and it got me thinking…

I’ve been working the streets of Sydney hard for a good 4+ years now. Ironically not as a Federal Agent from a once earlier life, but as a ‘Marketing Mentor’ on the beat working with awesome people.

When people find out about my background I get asked all sorts of cool questions about what I did, were you like a spy (I wish LOL), did you have a gun and all this great stuff. A few people ask me, “Was it really hard?”

Sure, being a Federal Agent was hard – but being in your own Business is way harder! 

My common joke reflecting on this was “Well, at least I had a gun in those days LOL”. However, I jest – in all seriousness I have learned the hard way what it takes to really break the ice in Sydney and build a business / reputation.

For me and many of my awesome colleagues it’s a tough one getting traction, however one thing that makes it easier are great people and networking events. I had an amazing time at the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce “Business After 5” @ Condon Associates.

It is a monthly event which usually sees at the very minimum 150 people, sometimes upwards of 350 people from Parramatta and Western Sydney. From Entrepreneurs like me working the beat, to Enterprise Corporates – we get all walks of life there.

It’s one of Sydney’s foremost Networking events and over the years it’s been incredibly good to me and other people. What makes a great business networking event to me includes:

1. The Right People.

2. The Right Leadership.

3. The Right Location.

4. The Right Mindset.

5. The Right Focus.

6. The Right Giving.

7. The Right Time.

For me, Parramatta Chamber totally delivers on that and it’s taught me a lot of great things over the years. Key lessons include being in the room, being consistent, working with the right people and most of all going to a place where you are welcome and fit in.

I have been kicked out of a few places over the years and it taught me about only going where one is welcome. Parramatta Chamber rocks and if you are from Sydney, I totally encourage you to check it out!

Love your work, thanks for the read & stay awesome!

P.S. Thank you to Condon Associates Group too for the venue – a great location and it worked!



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