Nothing beats exploring new groups, you never know what great people you are going to find LOL

Nothing beats exploring new groups, you never know what great people you are going to find LOL

It’s been a great new, exciting (and slightly nerve racking) start to me networking in different places and exploring Sydney.

I have been going to Wedding Planner Networking Events, New Chamber Meetings, Interior Designer & Architect Wine Bar Events and meeting all these new wonderful people. I loved my time in 4Networking and as I was moved on from the team there, it got me thinking about things quite differently.

It’s an awesome place and with my new life & direction, it’s been one of online marketing, shaking everything up, taking the business to the next level and busting up my comfort zone.

As much as I hate to admit it, in some ways I did get a bit stuck in my own sandbox and I now have a very different take on things. 4Networking is one awesome networking group and as I look back with fond memories (and highly recommend it), it’s equally feels like a distant memory as I crack new groups and parts of town.

Many consider me quite a seasoned networker (which is is a very fair statement) and even for me going to new events brings up nerves. I am now over it – and I love my new business networking life and focus. I have already picked up new awesome clients as a result of the changes and it’s taught me many powerful things about business and the danger of comfort zones.

Basically – when we get comfortable, things can really stick and not grow if we aren’t busy pushing things along. This is really bad and although it’s natural to take breaks, the last thing we want are our businesses to get static. This happened to me at the start of the year and as I shook things up – surprise, surprise things started growing again.

My advice and thinking from this one? Explore, expand, push yourself and keep at it. Don’t get stuck in one place for too long and make sure you keep meeting new people, growing your sphere of influence and expanding.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!



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