Like Fonzie - it can be hard to admit when we are wrong. BUT the sooner we do, the richer we become!

Like Fonzie – it can be hard to admit when we are wrong. BUT the sooner we do, the richer we become!

I was very lucky to be working with one of my mid-tier clients this afternoon and we had many great conversations. They have a new Director on their team who really brings skills and drive that augments everyone. I met with him and you thought I was fast paced?

This awesome guy leaves me in the dust on speed and it was an honour connecting with a great like-minded character where we agreed on many logical points. Our fine conversation today was grounded in the fact of:

If it doesn’t work, change it / delete it!

It sounds quite obvious, however quite often in Marketing many of us have seen over the years that many are reluctant to change / chop things. I have been guilty of this as well, in particular with some of the groups I would attend from a networking viewpoint.

Instead of looking in the mirror and accepting this isn’t the best use of my time, I would keep attending over and over again. I have been guilty of this and many have and why could this be? My take is:

Unjustified Optimism: We really want things to work and we just keeping going living on hope (which is bad).

Ego / Don’t want to be wrong: A bit of me is here, my middle eastern sometimes gets in the way. The sooner you admit you’re wrong, the better!

Don’t know it’s not working: You actually don’t know it’s not working, because you aren’t measuring things. This is bad in itself.

My take from all these experiences to be very sensitive to what is going on, so one is focusing on the key core areas of the business. Make sure you give things enough time to play out and if you know if it’s not working, don’t just ‘chop things’. Tweak, improve, drive and make it better – then if it’s not working chop it.

Don’t just leave it out however, with your extra time – focus on areas that deliver and really matter.

Love your work, thanks for the read – and please stay awesome!



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