A screenshot taken of my website (Mid-July 2015) showing the video on there. It's powerful and I love it!

A screenshot taken of my website (Mid-July 2015) showing the video on there. It’s powerful and I love it!

Hello Awesome People!

Previously, I have spent a lot of money getting a great “HD TV Production” video done for my website. In fact, it cost me $4,500 + GST actually and I spent it at a time where I barely had that amount in my own bank account.

Over the years it has become one of those key investment elements that has turned out to be a great marketing tool and something that I have been very proud of. It always gets a great response new and existing clients, and people to this day still tells me “Wow Edward, this quality is just amazing”.

If you check out the Home Page of my website (www.excellenceabove.com.au) you will see it up in a very prominent position. It is very obvious, set to “Auto-Play” and it immediately helps sell my services (especially ‘The Awesome Marketing Vault’). Having the right background music that is not too intrusive, yet inviting is also an important element.

Through putting the video on the home page, I have noticed that it has added at least 20 seconds to the time people would spend and stay on my website, and even better than that – it shows people that “Credibility” about me that helps encourage people to go that little bit deeper into my website and find out more.

Today, I can gladly say that I have definitely made that investment back on the video, and over the years, the longer I have had it, what I can say is other than – I LOVE IT! For clients & colleague that are going places, I really do encourage you to have a really powerful video on your website that depicts you as a leader authority within your chosen field.

In short, I think video is awesome because:

– It’s very convincing.

– People respond well to it well.

– It gets across a lot of information very quickly.

– When set to ‘Auto-Play’ on your homepage as the site opens, the sounds it presents gets people more interested in finding out more about your site.

– And most of all, it sells like crazy!

My advice and thinking? Get a professional video made! Don’t do a half-ass job yourself for your business website – get something very slick and professional. I can promise you will love it.

Trust this has been another Helpful Topic. For more savvy tips and to keep up to date with New Ideas to Market your Business, please sign up to the “The Awesome Marketing Vault”

Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor and Business Leader who have worked for a very long time in Marketing and loves helping Awesome Small Business Owners get more clients.




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