Going to Expo's is one great idea for getting new ideas, meeting people and of course 'Reverse Marketing'. So get out there and explore!

Going to Expo’s is one great idea for getting new ideas, meeting people and of course ‘Reverse Marketing’. So get out there and explore!

Hello Awesome People!

I was speaking with an awesome client today who I have lots of respect for. This fine character by the name of Damitha is a Travel Specialist focusing on Sri Lanka – with his fine enterprise Exotic Lanka Holidays (check out his site here).

If you speak with Damitha, he is a very cool guy who knows what he is doing with an upcoming Travel Expo visit. As we spoke about the Travel Expo, what he can get out of it and of course making it a “Profitable” experience for everyone – it made me think about how we have always benefit from visiting Expos.

Depending on the nature of the Expos and talking about this from a “Business” point of view, one obvious way of getting results is being an exhibitor. However, this is anything except cheap from a range of viewpoints (i.e. not just the cash, but the time you lose from your business).

Our common approach (and what I do personally) is going to Expos and really do some “Reverse Marketing”. I certainly mean this in a massively cheeky respect, in that Expos are built to be marketing to attendees. I like to turn the tables around and as a visitor, market back towards the exhibitors. I don’t mean this in an annoying manner, or by just “Selling” directly to them.

What I mean is that, in terms of browsing and sussing out the Expo, seeing if there is anything useful to my business first and then speaking to the relevant exhibitors and working out if I can also help them as well, as a way to network and building new connections. If let’s say hypothetically, I meet someone from LinkedIn (which once happened), I can then go and meet them for a coffee / lunch and pick up some great new ideas, see if I can support them – and you never know, they may have a great introduction or something for you.

From this method, I have previously managed to pick up some fantastic new leads, work projects and colleagues, etc. Including connections with reputable Accounting and Legal Firms along with some fantastic LinkedIn & Facebook Connections as well.

In addition – While I was browsing, I managed to learn some fantastic new information and ideas that I can apply to my own business to the next level too (and having fun at the same time).

My advice and thinking on this method? Expos are very important a a tool to build a reputation within your own respective industries / areas in that it gives you great ideas, and by attending one, you will give yourself the opportunity to extend your network and make some very profitable connections. Going to one every 3 – 6 months helps you keep up to date with what is emerging and available, can be quite enjoyable especially if you work on your own, and are a great way of opening your mind to ideas and opportunities that can help you take your business to the level.

So get out, explore!

Ps. Thank you to ‘Vault Boy’ and the ‘Fallout Team’ for the image use (we love their work).

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor and Business Leader who have worked for a very long time in Marketing and loves helping Awesome Small Business Owners get more clients.




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