Put yourself in your CUSTOMERS SHOES!

Spending time with your wonderful friends and customers is a great start!

Spending time with your wonderful friends and customers is a great start!

As I was enjoying a breakfast, playing with my wonderful 9-month-old and talking to my glorious wife; we were having a great conversation about how our customers & community members think.

That is, we are actively putting ourselves into the minds of our customers to look at us from their likely viewpoint.

It’s a great exercise to do in that it gives you great insights and makes you question your own business practices.

For example, when it comes to people joining our community it comes from them meetings us in one form or another. I could run Facebook Ads for 100 years, but quite often until people come to a Live Webinar, speak to me on the phone or come to an event; there is just not enough to kick them over to becoming a wonderful client.

That I totally get. If I wanted to hire a Marketing / Business Mentor type of character, I want someone who:

–          I can trust

–          I know they know what they are doing

–          They are contactable and will look after me

When I consider these viewpoints, it all starts making completely sense. Then I think, that is the best way of building trust ASAP? Meeting people! Having the come to Live Webinars, Live Workshops and the like.

This then informs my Marketing Strategy in that I should aim to bring people to Webinars & Workshops as much as I can. This strategy fits with how customers behave and think.

My advice and lessons? Put yourself in your customers shoes and think about how they think. You can then ask yourself real questions into how well your business practices are aligned with them.

Make sure you are giving them the right information, you have the right pathways and working with you is just easy. The better you do this, the more sales that shall cometh your way.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome!