Choosing to be Happy (or not)

I used to be unhappy. Then I made a choice. It rocks!

I used to be unhappy. Then I made a choice. It rocks!

As I write this blog, I am crammed nice and tightly into an undercarriage of a train heading from Sydney CBD to Parramatta.

It’s a little bit hot, very cramped and I was in deep thought pondering life, success, happiness and of course Marketing.

I have been working with so many incredible people and what I have found is that the ‘truly happy’ people are the ones with seemingly the most challenges!

Of course, they have rough times, some long days, but they are some of the most complete, secure and productive individuals who are overall very happy!

Sure, they have moments of frustration and sadness but if you took an average of their overall emotions they would be miles in the ‘happy zone’.

I know people as well who have way more privilege than them who are totally unhappy (e.g. look at Hollywood).

I used to be really unhappy in life in that I was waiting for my life conditions to be perfect and then I would claim ‘happiness’. Of course, these conditions would never exist even if I lived for 800 years.

Why was I unhappy? I chose to be. Why am I now happy? I chose to be.

My advice and thinking? Don’t think that your ‘happiness’ is an outcome of what happens to you. Happiness comes from within. I know people who have lived in horrible environments and poverty who are happy.

We choose how we feel.

We may as well choose happy. At least that way we will be more productive and can make more money x x

Love your work, thank you for the read and I should write blogs on trains more often!