‘Making mistakes are part of any day’

So don't let mistakes bother you (too much!)

So don’t let mistakes bother you (too much!)

With my wonderful 9-month-old being carried on my chest; my wife and I went for a tour of the Loreto Kirribilli. It’s is an independent Catholic school that is very close to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and it’s incredible.

Even though our wonderful daughter can’t even walk yet, we’re already looking at schools to help plot her educational success pathway throughout her life.

In being someone who spent many years in different State Schools, it was amazing seeing how the ‘other side’ operates so to speak.

I am kind of used to graffiti, daily fights in the playground, foster kids being moved around and speaking to social welfare officers from my old days.

This was the total opposite and from seeing incredible views, great students, smart screens everywhere, Apple’s everywhere and the like; I was like ‘Wow, my daughter is so coming here!’

The end of the tour involved the junior school and it was so different compared to my time.

In one of the classrooms it had a poster saying something that just hit me in between the eyes. Even though I can’t remember the exact wording, it said something close too:

  • ‘Making mistakes are part of any day’

I loved hearing this and it’s been something I have been passing onto my wonderful friends every day. Like I was once; I know so many wonderful entrepreneurs that have been terrified of being wrong / making mistakes and their solution is to do nothing.

That may mean not going to that event, not running that Live Webinar and even worse; not making progress (which is very dangerous in today’s world) and driving yourself nuts.

They are teaching children from a young age to get used to mistakes and I WISH I WAS TAUGHT THAT!

My advice and thinking? Like the children at Loreto Kirribilli get used to the idea of making mistakes and being wrong. It’s a natural part of progress and believe me; I have made more mistakes that I have had hot meals.

BUT I AM WINNING. If you are winning, then great! Unshackle yourself more and win more. If you aren’t winning (right now), make more mistakes and get messy. After all, you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs, right?

Love your work, thank you Loreto Kirribilli for the great tour and you stay awesome friends.