The FOCUS of your wonderful efforts

I am one with Marketing and Marketing is with me!

I am one with Marketing and Marketing is with me!

I am sitting at my desk, thinking about business, success and Star Wars. Even though I was a ‘Trekkie’ first, I have really got into Star Wars lately thought he mobile gaming side and it’s been a key part of my thinking and joy as I go around the place.

A great chat I have had with many and what is going through my mind is the importance of really ‘Focusing’ your efforts. Be it you are following up people for meetings, chasing up proposals, filling workshops (my thing), or whatever the case may be; we must really focus what we are doing to get the maximum result.

As I thought of this, for whatever reason the ‘Death Star’ firing came into my mind. It’s a highly focused beam that can even destroy a whole planet and watching this get destroyed by the glorious Rebels in Star Wars always brought a smile to my dial.

The ‘Death Star’ could fire a massive beam to destroy a planet, and the Rebel alliance where great at focusing on its weaknesses to ultimately destroy it and restore Democracy and Law & Order throughout the galaxy.

Focus is everything and in business much like the Rebels; our resources are limited! We must choose our battles wisely and select what matters.

My advice and thinking? Talking Sales & Marketing, really focus on your clients, your community and the type of wonderful people you want us clients. The better we do that is the more we cement our own success and wins in the future.

Get focused, save time and love it!

Thanks for the read, love your work Disney / Star Wars / George Lucas / Star Wars Battlefront / EA and stay awesome friends!